Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: American Watercolor Movement

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Thursday, September 07, 2006

American Watercolor Movement

I posted an excellent video clip a couple of weeks ago of the American Watercolor Movement on this site. The song in question is the infectious "Pour Les Auditeurs". If you enjoyed that then you may be happy to know that the band are self-releasing a new album. The excellently titled "It Takes 15 To Tango In My Book, What Book Do You Read?" will come out on October 3rd.

American Watercolor Movement "draws us into a world all their own. With looping beats and a unique lyrical mutability, their songs appeal to our senses, imparting stories of lust, longing, travelling and searching..."

Formed in 1998 as an experimental musical and visual project, the New Jersey six-piece are a truly unique band. Sounding like no-one else in particular, they place equal importance on the influence of authors such as William S Burroughs, as they do to musical pioneers like David Bowie and Pink Floyd.

"Flowers For Catalan" certainly displays an eclectic mix of influences. Starting with irregular Kraftwerk beats, angular guitars soon push their way into the mix giving an atmosphere and experimental edge reminiscent of the Talking Heads. The melodic chorus soon interupts this and then takes the song off on yet another weird and wonderful tangent.

They have two previous albums up on Itunes and you can pre-order "It Takes 15 To Tango..." here. Furthermore, stream some of their tracks at myspace.


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