Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Winnebago Deal : "Did It, Done It, Doing It Again"

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, August 14, 2006

Winnebago Deal : "Did It, Done It, Doing It Again"

Throughout the years when listening to music, I always seem to go through different phases and gradual changes. I seem to listen to one particular style or genre for months on end until it becomes stale, where I then move on and try to find something fresh. However, I always find myself going back to the quality stuff, as people say cream always rises to the top.

I have always been a heavy rock fan, but went a couple of years without paying much attention to any of it, apart from the albums I already owned. Recently, though, I caught Wolfmother live at T In The Park, and it seems to have re-awakened my desire for the huge rock riff and there has definately been a gradual shift towards all things heavy once again. I also dusted down my Kyuss albums too and got right back into their desert groove.

A few other bands that I have been enjoying include The Sword, Bad Wizard, The Two Gunslingers and Gonga. These bands all worship at the alter of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and have satisfied my craving for rock 'n' roll. They are all well worth checking out right now and have recent albums available.

But one of the most thrilling bands I've heard in a long while, are posted in the video above. Winnebago Deal are a two-piece band (Guitar and Drums only) that make one unholy racket. Name-checked by such artists as Fugazi, Therapy? and Motorhead, this duo have toured incessantly to get where they are. They have just released their album, "Flight Of The Raven" and will be touring all over the UK in the Autumn. You can listen to four tracks and find the tour info here. Or you can simply rock out to the video above and check out the plethora of videos on You Tube.


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