Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Thom Yorke : The Eraser Poem

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Monday, July 31, 2006

Thom Yorke : The Eraser Poem

Despite being nominated for a Mercury Music prize, it seems Thom Yorke's album, "The Eraser", is still subject to criticisms from the media. Yorke has responded in typically excellent fashion by splicing together the harsher words of the critics and making it into a nice poem. And here it is for your viewing pleasure.

"Seven out of 10/
could try harder/
could do better/
lacks correct motivation...
full of own self importance/
always shooting his mouth off/
tends to stray from the path... never was
never will be again/
the only way is down."
Furthermore, here is another mp3 from a recent live performance
in Copenhagen. This time it is "4 Minute Warning". This track could easily be on"The Bends", it has that sort of ballad feel to it that was a key feature of their 1995 release.
Mojo Magazine has this to say about it:
"Exquisite trad rock ballad riding a pinging piano and
tishing tambourine. Rare sunshine-breaking-through- clouds quality of chord
changes and measured optimism of lyrics".
In an interview with Classic Rock magazine, Thom Yorke said he
was getting frustrated by continually re-recording these new songs, but it was a
welcome relief to get out and play them to people. He also stressed that these
songs have along way to go before they are the finished articles.


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