Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Friday Rant : Bandwagon Alert

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Rant : Bandwagon Alert

Just seen a copy of the latest NME, complete with a Syd Barrett 5 page tribute. This really annoys me!. Why doesn't the NME stick to what it knows best, crap guitar bands that are famous for 3 weeks. Their target audience is surely girls who are just over the boyband phase and are now trying to get some cred. They have now cemented their reputation as serial bandwagon jumpers. It would be interesting to note, when Syd was last mentioned in the NME before his death. I'd say 1995, and that would be at a push. They have constantly dismissed Pink Floyd's records as dinosaur music and such like. Now they are telling us, why Syd's records are so important!!!!. I for one, do not care what Pete Doherty has to say about anything, let alone one of my all time favourite artists. And just who are The Fratellis for god sake!!!!.

Also, why was their tribute published on the 22nd of July, when Syd died on the 7th?. I guess we'll need to ask the editors that one

Being dead is apparently cool and raises the individuals stock, in the eyes of the NME. Why don't they leave it to the true fans, who have been listening to his music for years. I hate the NME. Damn You NME!!!!.


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