Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep: Festival Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Festival Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent news (well, for me anyway)..............

When all seemed lost and there's was little, if any, hope. A friend of mine has managed to get me a ticket for the T in the Park Festival this weekend in Kinross, Scotland. I never got my act together on the two occasions tickets were released. They all sold out within an hour and my contacts couldn't find any either. Tickets have been offered at silly prices, but I refused to pay extortionate amounts. However, from out of nowhere, my friend has 'pulled it out of the bag' for me. I owe her a big favour.

The Line-up is pretty good this year, and with no Glastonbury to speak of, it could be the UK's main festival this Summer. I was particularly gutted when I found out Sigur Ros were headlining one of the stages, but then I realised the Animal Collective were also making a rare appearance too. The Animal Collective are a band that have always interested me and I can't wait to see how they perform their psych-folk/pop music. Sigur Ros, on the other hand, I know inside out, having been into them since 1998. Only managed to see them twice though, including at the Massey Hall in Toronto last year. It will be great to experience them in a festival environment. I'm also looking forward to seeing The Who close everything off on Sunday night. After a day of recovery, I'll post a wee review, complete with a step by step guide to the Pete Townsend windmill.

So I now have a prized ticket for the full weekend plus camping. As Mr Burns would say......


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